EQUIANO Client Case Study

March 3, 2023

EQUIANO Client Case Study

EQUIANO Client Case Study

EQUIANO Client Case Study
TorchT Productions
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EQUIANO - Experiential Learning Events- Client Case Study

We initially met the Co-Founders of EQUIANO Clare Harding & Marylou Verberne through our mutual connection Professor Jane Burns. Jane had made us aware of the amazing experiential learning events they ran with Horses and teams of people. What stood out in particular was the team of dynamic women who founded and run this amazing business, located in Mt Macedon, Victoria. Secondly, was the manner in which they are able to help people build an almost instant connection with Horses and people, which transformed the learning experience for the participants.

Take a look at some of the amazing pictures below from the day and the affect the immersive experience has on people.

We spent a half a day filming with Clare Harding, Marylou Verbene & Stacey Tolley, filming and photographing their amazing Horses, in their Mt Macedon Equine arena and over lunch with the guests. What stood out was the connection the participants made not only with the Horses, but with each other as the day progressed. Something magical was starting to happen and the combination of energy, environment and willingness to learn became present.

As an outcome, it was super important to deliver a cinematic feeling explainer video that illustrated the true magic that happens when people have the EQUIANO experience. This needed to run for around 3 minutes and to include the key stakeholders, as well as participants enjoying an authentic experience. As the Hero piece was being used extensively across social-media, it needed to have the ability to be repurposed into shorter bites for various social-media platforms.

As a result, Clare and the team have been successfully attract corporate clients to their offering and most importantly position themselves in the marketplace as the clear choice and premium offering.

So what is actually involved you might think? Here's a look into the magic ingredients that deliver such a powerful end product for a corporate Hero video shot on location. Hear from our Co-Founder and Director of this amazing shoot Benjamin A Thompson

1. Client workshop: We took the opportunity to do a 1 hour Zoom call workshop with Clare & Marylou to understand their personality, tone of voice and the key ingredients to their offering. We quickly understood that it's not for everyone and that there was a specific demographic, target client in mind. Once we know who this was, we validated the style of video we wanted to create along with the scripting style for the client.

2. Pre-production: Draft script formed for client, location and date secured, wardrobe selection & matching with location/studio. Decision made on length of hero content & subsequent bites for ongoing marketing. We then started drafting not only key script but also key moments and elements that were non-negotiables to be captured on the day. Wew then created a list of nice to have shots, so that we could prioritise this on the day in case weather got in the way. Something to always consider when on location, have you planned for weather getting in the way? What's your plan B and C?

3. Production: Executing a film day with the client and shooter on site. Managing the staff, animals, founders and the participants. Ensuring waivers and release forms are filled out and signed. Ensuring batteries are fully charged with backup and card space is maximised. You don't want to get stuck on location.

4. Post-Production: Working with the client to turn around a minimum of 2 rounds of changes. It's important to get the first version back to the client quickly, to keep the momentum & deliver a high-value end product. We also wanted to make sure that the client was happy with which elements of them speaking to camera were best for appealing to their target demographic. Allowing the client to circulate this first draft internally and confidentially can help them build confidence, when they initially get a shock seeing and hearing themselves on camera. No-one likes the sound of their own voice, remember?

5. Promotion: Like all of our clients we took the liberty of sharing the end product and promoting them and their business. This is such an easy thing to do and something that really helps with showing them you care for their success beyond the initial engagement.

We are super happy with the end result and feel like it has really captured the EQUIANO experience and what they are all about.

More importantly, here's what the client had to say:

"Can't recommend this talented, professional, fun team highly enough. A dream to work with." - Clare Harding

"Absolutely thoroughly enjoyed our experience with TorchT Productions, from start to screen credits, literally. Warm, professional, attentive, strategic,  engaging, creative.  They just got us and what they produced was just so perfect. We have had so many amazing reviews and a ton of positive feedback on their work on Equiano. We were so thrilled with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend them." - Marylou Verbene

Check out the video below and some photos from our shoot with EQUIANO.

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Our thanks too to the stars of the show... the Cannes red carpet ain't got nothing on you Jane BurnsNatalie O'Brien AMMaria TsihlakisSuzie McInerneyNish LawrenceGregory EvansTanya DayAnde KempnichIan MalkinAnnie MeyerAnnabelle HolmanGary CazaletJo Van DortAshley McfarlaneStacey TolleyMarylou VerberneShelley MeagherClare Harding DPhil - and of course Lola, Kimberley, Cedar, Willow, Doc, Anton, and Elvis!#leadershipdevelopment#experientiallearning#emotionalintelligence

EQUIANO Client Case Study
TorchT Productions
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