Razor Ray Chamberlain - Motivational Speaker - Case Study

March 3, 2023

Razor Ray Chamberlain - Motivational Speaker - Case Study

Razor Ray Chamberlain - Motivational Speaker - Case Study

Razor Ray Chamberlain - Motivational Speaker - Case Study
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Razor Ray Chamberlain - Motivational Speaker - Case Study

After meeting with Silvio & Clint from DHM Talent group, we realised there was a need to better convey the magic that Razor Ray Chamberlain creates when delivering a keynote and workshops on leadership, high-performance and motivation. Being a naturally extraverted personality, we were able to have a lot of fun with Ray and really bring his personality to the fore.

Having spent the better part of 2 decades administrating and umpiring AFL, Ray has also carved out a successful career in entrepreneurship and business. Also having a young family, juggling travel and working within the logistically challenging AFL hub during the pandemic.

We spent a half day with Ray filming both 1-on-1 and in a group setting, showcasing a real-time experience with him delivering a corporate workshop. It was through this immersion that we were able to capture the interaction that makes his sessions so unique and showcase that across his hero video.

As an outcome, it was important to deliver the content in both a long-form style and shorter form so that it could be leveraged as an asset to explain his value to clients and to inform and educate the market on social-media channels such as instagram, linkedin and facebook.

So what is actually involved you might think? Here's a look into the magic ingredients that deliver such a powerful end product:

1. Client workshop: Learning the personality, tone of voice, unique traits & the Why of our speaker. Along with defining the ideal audience.

2. Pre-production: Draft script formed for client, location scouting selection, wardrobe selection & matching with location/studio. Decision made on length of hero content & subsequent bites for ongoing marketing.

3. Production: Executing a film day with the client, ensuring the time is maximised logistically with talent, locations & studio access. Leaving a deliberate amount of time for spontaneity, creativity & fun!

4. Post-Production: Working with the client to turn around a minimum of 2 rounds of changes. It's important to get the first version back to the client quickly, to keep the momentum & deliver a high-value end product.

5. Promotion: Are you involved in promoting & sharing your client's end product or do you just leave it to them? This is where we take it upon ourselves to work closely with our clients to collaborate on their launch & as a result generate them referral work directly off the back of their product. How good is that?

We are super happy with the end result and feel like it has really captured Ray's essence and what he is all about.

More importantly, here's what the client had to say: "If you are looking for production work look no further that Brandon Burns and the team at TorchT Productions talented, personable & just ripping people 🙌"

Check out his video below and some photos from our shoot with Ray.

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Photography by the amazingly talented Zaharoula at Corporate Headshots Melbourne

Check out the linkedin post here

Razor Ray Chamberlain - Motivational Speaker - Case Study
TorchT Productions
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