Yondr Case Study

March 3, 2023

Yondr Case Study

Yondr Case Study

Yondr Case Study
TorchT Productions
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Yondr is a client who was referred to TorchT Productions by crowdfunding giant Birchal. Yondr is a NeoBank and FinTech company which specialises in currency conversion and account compartmentalisation. The Yondr card is available at 70 million vendors worldwide, with no international transaction fees and through Yondr international transactions, including conversion, only takes minutes.   

Yondr had initiated closed group testing of its product in February of 2022 and with that success they were ready to move into the open market. To do this they needed a form of communication which was wholly theirs, and so they came to TorchT Productions. 

Yondr chose to purchase the video activation package from TorchT Productions. The video activation package includes two one hour script writing sessions, a 2-4 minute explainer video, a 30 second condensed video, production still photography, 8 hour day filming and a 8 hour day editing. 

Yondr came to TorchT with one goal in mind; to net $500,000 in capital in their latest round of funding on Birchal. Yondr wanted to capitalise on its momentum and use that to catapult itself to the front of the pack when it comes to Australian Fintech/Neobank start ups. 

For us at TorchT this was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with an exciting young start up like ourselves and one we wouldn’t take lightly. We decided to inject a little humor into Yondr’s video with the goal of leveraging that into a sense of user ease and comfortability with the product and company.

To our great relief Yondr agreed to this direction and we were off to the races as they say. It was crucial for us at TorchT to provide quality to Yondr. We wanted their video to not only communicate their mission, product and style but also their essence and their good natured work ethic.  

So we went to work. Over the course of an 8 hour day we filmed with Yondr at our location at Creative Cubes South Melbourne. We were lucky enough to have Yondr CEO and Co-Founder Shane Chanel heavily involved in the video and even taking up a starring role. Of course we were more than happy to jump in as extras and sound boards but the focus was always on putting Yondr front and center.

We had the pleasure of being able to interview board advisor and former ANZ CEO Mike Smith for the video as well. He is a powerhouse intellect and quite a presence in front of the camera. Mike explained for the video why he got involved with Yondr, what about the Yondr team he liked, what set Yondr apart in his eyes and touched on a myriad of other topics.   

We had a few other participants aside from Mike and Shane though. We were lucky enough to have Yondr board member Nick take an ancillary role in the video and even wear a sombrero, a personal highlight for us; and interview Yondr customer Anika too.  

Creating this video with Yondr was a great experience for us and we were happy to hear it was the same for Yondr as well. At TorchT our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount so we’re pleased as punch to have delivered on everything Yondr wanted.

Another satisfied customer. That’s all for now but in the meantime, remember, keep it TorchT.  

Article written by Henry Glenn.

Yondr Case Study
TorchT Productions
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