Botanical Water Technologies

Botanical Water Technologies

What they do, why they do it:

Botanical Water Technologies is at the forefront of solving the world's water crisis. Water - a life-giving and finite resource - has seen demand increase six-fold over the past century due to exponential population growth. In response to this escalating crisis, Botanical Water Technologies has discovered a new sustainable and renewable source of potable water.


In a world-first, Botanical Water Technologies utilises award-winning, globally patented technology that harvests the water naturally stored in plants. This innovative approach not only provides a new source of water but does so in a way that respects and harnesses nature's own processes.


This is just the beginning for Botanical Water Technologies. The company has set a goal to play a major role in alleviating the world’s water problem. By 2025, they aim to deliver clean and safe drinking water to 100 million of the world’s most vulnerable people. This ambitious target underscores the company's commitment to making a significant and meaningful impact on the global water crisis.

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