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Fisher & Paykel

As part of the successful launch of June365 for Fisher & Paykel, our client Simon Potter walked us through the device, it's benefits and how it is helping office workers all over the globe.

What they do, why they do it:

June365 was born to get people moving, especially those workers stuck at home sedentary, in their offices or in environments during the pandemic that didn't easily allow for exercising easily and quickly during suitable opportunities throughout the day.


The client needed a way to illustrate how amazing their product was for workers stuck at home, needing a way to exercise and stay fit, engaged and mentally and physically well. The product was delivered in both a physical manner via the device that participants would stand on and also via a mobile application on a smart device. Given the product needed to be demonstrated via a video to articulate to key decision makers it's value for entire workforces, we collaborated with the client on the following key factors:

  • Executed the filming process within a professional studio, with a cyclonic wall, infinite white background and complete sound and noise cancellation.
  • Sourced a cast of real people, 20 in total ranging from professionals, students, physical workers, office workers and across multiple gender and age demographics.
  • Conducted in-person interviews with attendees whilst they were using the device.
  • Executed professional photography of the device and participants.
  • Post-produced a Hero video asset, alongside individual short reels for social-media distribution.
  • Integrated the Fisher & Paykel branding guidelines across all assets.


The space we filmed in was called Fundamental Studios in Geelong and it was perfect for this client. Check out the studio space here:

It was also extremely fun to see so many people in the community come along and try out this exciting new product.

Hardest part of the shoot:

Working with tech, people of all different shapes, sizes, ages can be a challenge, but on this shoot it was actually a whole lot of fun. We wanted to make sure each participant had the ability to see themselves working out, so we worked closely with Ben Cook from Fundamental Studios to link an LED screen to the live feed.

Best part of working with client:

Experiencing the size and scale at which a corporate business operates and how it can move innovation into action very quickly, due to global resources.

What we learnt:

There are many options for people working from home and hybrid to be well, remain fit, mentally and physically and have a healthy break from sitting down all day. Combining tech and equipment that is easy to use and not overwhelming is key to helping all people access and utilise fitness equipment for all ranges of age and skillset.

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