Light Aircraft Sales

Light Aircraft Sales

As part of the successful launch of Australia's first marketplace for buying and selling aircrafts, we worked closely with Founder Nicholas Christie to articulate the competitive difference to using his website and how to to achieve better outcomes for a buyer and seller. All communicated through the means of video.

What they do, why they do it: Nicholas Christie is an entrepreneur, Pilot and instructor who simply had to launch this website to help people achieve better outcomes when buying and selling an aircraft. He does this, so that he can bring a level of confidence, trust and transparency to the process.


The client needed a way to illustrate how their new platform enables both buyers and sellers of light aircrafts to transact, communicate and reach an outcome with ease. Having conducted the process of brokering the sale of an aircraft manually for may years, Nicholas wanted to now launch a marketplace where people could do the majority of the work online. Being a relatively established, yet laggard industry in some ways, we were tasked with showing people how easy it was to transact on the platform and bring some fun to the process. We collaborated with the client on the following elements:

  • Executed the filming process within an Airplane Hanger, with actual airplanes.
  • Sourced permission and approval to film at an actual airport with client.
  • Conducted in-person interviews with Nicholas both on location and in an aircraft.
  • Integrated animations on-screen from the website and mobile application.
  • Executed professional photography of the aircrafts, talent and locations.
  • Post-produced a Hero video asset, alongside individual short FAQ reels for social-media distribution.
  • Integrated the Light Aircraft Sales branding guidelines across all assets.

Client feedback: 

Directors Cut

Check out our TorchT Director's cut where our Co-Founder & Creative Director Benjamin A Thompson, takes you behind the scenes and into the editing suite to see how we made this video, filming inside an actual Aeroplane.

Behind the scenes:

Highlights: The highlight of the shoot was clearly being able to film successfully inside the cockpit of a light aircraft. The other highlight was working with Nicholas who was an excellent presenter and worked so well without the need for a teleprompter.

Hardest part of the shoot: Working within the confines of a light aircraft meant sound was always going to be a challenge. We were able to get creative and mitigate this by using his headphones inside the plane. We also had to film in 3 different locations, but were able to work with the client to capture it all within 1 day.

Best part of working with client: Experiencing Nicholas's passion for helping people buy and sell aircrafts and achieve the best outcome. Working alongside him, we learnt so much about these beautiful machines and how owning an aircraft can be truly amazing.

What we learnt: Don't ever say aeroplane, it's Aircraft every day of the week. We learnt that filming with a client in 1 day is crucial if you want to seize the momentum and also ensure they feel confident and able to knock it over. Setting aside time for travel and to coordinate with flight paths is also handy.

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