Pause Awards

Pause Awards

What they do, why they do it:

Pause Awards is a distinct platform that recognises and celebrates the disruptors and innovators in the digital, creative, business, and tech industries. This event brings together visionary minds from across the globe, celebrating their groundbreaking ideas and achievements.


Our task at TorchT Productions was to encapsulate the vibrancy and dynamism of the Pause Awards. Filmed in 2022, we aimed to capture not just the event, but the anticipation, excitement, and inspirational moments that define it. From the palpable anticipation leading up to the awards, to the thrilling announcement of the winners, our goal was to create a video that truly reflected the spirit of the Pause Awards.


The final video serves as a testament to the grandeur and significance of the Pause Awards, providing viewers with a glimpse into this spectacle of creativity and innovation. The project was well-received, successfully capturing the ethos of the Pause Awards and providing a captivating visual narrative of the event.

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