What they do, why they do it: 
Equine-assisted insights for individuals and teams using specially trained horses, we help people develop leadership, teamwork and EQ skills to strengthen their performance.


The team at EQUIANO simply needed a clear and easy way to articulate the magic of their offering. The immersive experience with Horses their clients receive and the bond it can be build for high-performing teams.

Directors Cut


The space we filmed in was amazing, the natural light was perfect and horses are beautiful animals to film.  The feedback we have received and referral work from this client’s network has been overwhelming.

Hardest part of the shoot:

Working with animals will always be difficult however having the amazing experienced trainers on our side made this a breeze.

Best part of working with client: 

This client was open and willing to try different styles when presenting to camera and as a result was able to deliver an incredibly emotional message.  As the client was willing to be on camera, it added to the authenticity of their story and cut through with their audience.

What we learnt: 

Having a willing group of people to interact with the client during the shoot is key. Getting their permission and using actual clients is even better.

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